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The name and other details have been altered to protect confidentiality

In November 2011, Jane was referred to the Addaction Employability service for some work to help her make better use of her time and to assist her to look for employment. She was educated to degree level and had been employed in her given profession until she returned to the UK in 2010 after some time abroad.

On her return to Scotland Jane was very isolated and drinking heavily. She rarely left the house and only then to buy alcohol. Addaction worked around getting some structure into her days. She attended “Window of Time” on a Thursday to do voluntary work at the lunch time drop in group. She soon became a valuable asset to this organisation. She would cater for them and found fellowship and friendship within their group.

In March 2012 she started volunteering in The British Heart Foundation shop which she really enjoyed again gaining in confidence and finding companionship. We had restructured her C.V. and produced a less academic one which she could use when applying for other jobs.


In May she started to come to our newsletter group in Galashiels and become a valued member of the editorial team. In October 2012 she started paid employment in Edinburgh for one day a week although it involved a deal of travelling she was content to do so as it meant that she was working in her chosen profession.

Addaction continued to help her search for full time employment. In November 2012 she went for an interview in Ayr and secured a one year contract in her chosen profession.

The friends she had made in the church and voluntary work assisted her to relocate and she commenced work in December 2012. I met with her in March 2013 for a final review where she reported all was doing really well with the new job and lifestyle change.

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