Contact Us & FAQs

Claire McCue

Trust Administrator
The Mickel Fund
Tel. 07583 025570

The Mickel Fund's Registered office is at :-
1 Atlantic Quay
1 Robertson Steet
G2 8JB

Who is eligible for funding

If your charity deals with any of the following you will be considered for donation: Age Concern, Animal Welfare, Cancer Care, Cancer research, Children & Youth Support, Education/Outreach Hospices, Housing & Homelessness, Injuries, Medical Assistance, Music/Culture, Medical Research, Veterans, World Wide Appeal Based Projects

Who is not eligible for funding (exclusions)?

Events such as conferences, seminars and exhibitions, Fee charging residential home, nurseries and care facilities, Fund-raising events, Loans or repayments of loans - other than through the hardship fund Religious Promotion, Replacement of Statutory Funds, Schools other than pre school and after school clubs and activities promoting parental and community involvement

Who can I contact if I have a query?

Claire McCue, Trust Administrator, The Mickel Fund, Tel.07583025570,

Where do I send my application?

Applications can now be made only through our online form.

What information is required?
  • What is the specific aim or purpose of your organisation or project?
  • Have you applied to us before? - If yes, what was the outcome?
  • If successful, what was the amount received?
  • What is your organisation’s principal mission or vision?
  • Describe in more detail the specific project and the intended purpose of the funds.
  • Give up to 3 key objectives that you hope to achieve using the funds.
  • Have you applied to other sources, including trusts, for this particular project or funding bid?
  • What other statutory and voluntary organisation do you have links with, if any?
  • Roughly what % of each £ you receive will go to your project or core activity?
  • When do you need the funds?
  • When do you expect your project to be completed? (if applicable)
  • What other organisations, if any, have already provided support?
  • Give up to 3 key outcomes by which you will measure the success of your project APPLICABLE TO MAJOR DONATIONS ONLY How would you propose assessing the impact of your donation? 
How much are the donations?

The types of funding available fall into three categories and dependent on which category you fall into will determine how much you are likely to receive. The three categories are : Major Donation - £5,000 to £10,000 Annual Donation - £500 to £2,000 Hardship Donation - £50 to £500

When are the donations paid?

March and October

When can we expect to hear if we are successful?

Within two months of the meeting having taken place.

Will I hear if I am not successful?

Yes, within two weeks of meeting taking place

I have applied previously, can I apply again?

Yes – this would fall into our new category of Annual Donation Funding.