Donation Categories

The Trustees of The Mickel Fund support a broad range of charities and individuals working in different fields. The Trustees prefer to fund direct service delivery to people in Scotland in need of this support. This enables the Trustees to donate to a wide range of charitable activities which take place in, or have a direct impact on Scotland. To achieve an effective distribution of funds the Mickel Fund has recently reviewed their funding strategy. The types of funding available fall into three categories :

1. Major Grant Donations

The Mickel Fund prefers to support organisations where our contributions ‘make a difference’ Major Donations will be considered for one large-scale local project at a time, for example the donation of £5,000 - £10,000 on a one-off basis.

To be considered for Major Donation funding you must be a Charity or Organisation in Scotland or considered a Homeless Charity.

2. Annual Donations

For those charities looking towards Annual Contributions Funding, The Mickel Fund will donate £500 - £2,000 per year to the chosen national charity, with the view of being updated and reassessed annually. The annual contributions funding can be donated to both long-term supported charities and/or newly assessed charities.

By considering some donations at this financial level on an annual basis we allow the legacy interest of the previous trustees to be continued.

Due to the high volume of applications, we are only able to make annual donations to one charity for each of our five core funding priority categories, detailed on our home page.

3. Value Engineering

As trustees we've made a decision on how we can best contribute towards Capital Building projects given the limited nature of our financial resource but the wider scope of building experience amongst the trustees. As an alternative to writing a relatively modest cheque towards the capital cost of a building project we are pleased to offer our free “value engineering” service at an early stage in the project, engaging with charities before they have considered design and set costs, in order to add value at the earliest possible stage in technical and construction support.

Bruce Mickel, one of our trustees, is an experienced architect with over 45 years’ experience, he would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and give professional advice for the benefit of your charity to ensure that we work together to make the building fit for purpose.

Before we are able to progress your application for Value Engineering, there are a number of criteria which must be met. It is mandatory that your proposed building project is at pre-planning application stage and is desirable that you have employed a professional team.

Please note; should you be eligible and you proceed to meet with Bruce Mickel for professional advice, you will not be exempt from applying thereafter for a donation from the fund, however the fund’s agreement to provide value engineering advice does not guarantee that it will provide funding.

Our Value Engineering services have previously contributed towards a Capital building project by Revive MS Support; their multi-therapy MS centre in Govan, in the South of Glasgow, which opened in 2016.
The project's architectural plans were reviewed at an early stage and recommendations and technical advice were provided to the charity, plus a cost plan for the project was also contributed, all free of charge. These services received were very much appreciated by the charity and were found to be very helpful.