Our History

Our History

The Charity was founded by the late Douglas W Mickel, son of the founder of Mactaggart & Mickel, Colonel Andrew Mickel, on 14th May 1970 by Deed of Trust and is currently funded by the annual income generated by our investment portfolio.

The charity was originally set up to assist hardship cases within Mactaggart & Mickel Ltd, with the original start up funding being provided by Douglas Mickel and later upon his death substantially added to by his wife Marjorie (also now deceased). Over the past 7 years we have gifted more than £800,000 to a variety of charities. Over the years the criteria for granting donations has been redefined and currently we donate £100,000 to £120,000 annually. Click here to read more details of our criteria for eligibility.

The charity aims to gift all its income on a year by year basis to charities operating predominantly in Scotland. The charity also owns three properties in Edinburgh which it allows homelessness charity The Rock Trust to use rent free, to provide accommodation for young homeless people

Our Funding Priorities

  • The advancement of education

  • The prevention or relief of poverty

  • The advancement of health and the saving of lives

  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture & science

  • The advancement of public participation in sports